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About Portobello Green Market

Portobello Green Market wants to keep the creative & independent spirit of Portobello alive, so we are dedicated to cultivating creative spirit and supporting small business.

We are committed to supporting small business owners and entrepreneurs who want to launch and grow their business at the market.  If you’re own your own small business apply to trade at Portobello Green Market.

We believe that markets pay a vital role in uniting community. Portobello Green Market, Portobello Road Market and Golborne Road Market are all an integral part of Portobello and it’s identity.

At Portobello Green Market we bring together people from the local area of West London and beyond, and we are proud to represent the vibrant diversity of London. Portobello Green Market works in association with the Westway Trust and RBKC.

At the market we have a dedicated team who are committed to the future of Portobello and the market.

Maurice Nixon – Managing Director

Danny Blain – Market Manager

Katie Ingham – Marketing Manager